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Yarn Dyed Stripes Jail Bird
Yarn Dyed Stripes Jail Bird
Yarn Dyed Stripes Jail Bird
Yarn Dyed Stripes Jail Bird

Yarn Dyed Stripes Jail Bird

 Fabric Content: Tricot Knit - 95% Cotton 5% Lycra
Weight: 220
Width: 150 cm wide
Stretch: 4 way - over 40% both ways
Drape: great
Care Instructions: Machine wash and dry 
Made In: The Netherlands 
Certifications: Oeko-Tex 100

Description: Beautiful Yarn dyed stripes - Yard dyed stripes means that the fiber that is used to make the fabric is dyed before it is constructed, resulting in a fabric that is the same color on the back side as the front.

When making legging that stretch yarn dyed fabrics are ideal because they do not show the white back through when stretched. Also things like ruffles where you can see the back as well as the front or single layer hoods are perfect for yarn dyed fabrics. 

Well matched with Jersey or french terry! 

About Tricot fabric  

Tricot undergoes a different knitting process thank jersey, the process involved creates a soft and flexible fabric that does not snag or run easily. High-quality tricot will not build up a static charge or cling to the body in order to ensure that it is comfortable to wear.  Tricots have a sturdy and enjoyable structure and sew up just like a jersey or french terry. This makes it an ideal fabric for close fitting comfort stretch apparel, such as sportswear, and lounge wear

Sold By: 1/2 Meter 
1 - .5 meter
2 - 1 meter
3 - 1.5 meter
4- 2 meter
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