Processing time for orders from the July 1-3rd Sale is currently up to 14 days due to the 3 day sale volume.

Weekly Update - April 8, 2021

Weekly Update - April 8, 2021
Weekly Update - April 8, 2021

Current order processing time – 5-7 Business days

Pre-orders Status

1. All.The.Tie-Dye.Preorder – Missing the 4 French Terry colorways – air shipment has arrived and the winners contacted! Cutting has already started today! 

2. Flash Stretch Waffle Preorder – has been shipped!

3. R11 – Trades Round – 4.5 weeks since close and is currently printing.

Upcoming Retails/Events
TONIGHT April 8th 7PM SASK time – Full waffle restock will hit the site, including retail of the left overs from the flash pre-order

April 15th 7 PM SASK time – Spring Collection Retail

April 15 - 20th PSCo “Elliot“ Romper Sew Along – Join our event:
In Preparation for the Sew Along and during the Sew Along the following items will be on sale Code “PSCo”
- Shear Comfort Bamboo Jersey
- T-Shirt French Terry
- Fold Over Elastic
- Clear Elastic

TBD - Funfetti Jersey - Ordered beautiful confetti jersey for spring and summer sewing - Has arrived and is being inspected

TBD- Summer Fun- Swim, Boardshort, and a super exciting new base - Running in April 

TBD - Brushed and Ribbing Restock has been ordered