Valuing Differences

Inclusive Innovation at the Ryerson Diversity Institute

We believe that differences should be valued.
We believe diversity drives creativity.
Be yourself - There is no better person to be. 

Our shop is located on Treaty 4 territory the homeland of the Niitsítpiis-stahkoii (Blackfoot / Niitsítapi), Assiniboine, Očhéthi Šakówin and Michif Piyii (Métis) Nation. 

Diversity of age, identity, race, sexual orientation, size, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and thought are the building blocks of what makes you unique and special. 

The recognition that minorities are in a vulnerable situation in comparison to other groups in society and striving to protect them from discrimination, assimilation, prosecution, hostility or violence is of utmost importance.

We are committed to stand with our community members and speak out against discrimination, hate and violence. 

This is your reminder that you, in your skin, in your natural state, in  simply being—are enough. You don't have to sha… | Words, Positive quotes,  Be yourself quotes