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Weekly Update - July 15th, 2021

Weekly Update - July 15th, 2021
Happy Thursday Fabric Friends! Here's your weekly update for July 15th, 2021:
Undelivered Pre-orders:
1. Tie Dye Waffle - expected to arrive to the Shear Shop in September. It has been dyed and shipped to us. The vessel is expected to arrive in Vancouver around the 20th of July.
2. Nicole's Pre-order - ordered and is expected to arrive in 4 weeks
Upcoming Pre-orders:
1. Holiday round - will run aug 1-7! Who's excited for this?! You can check out the album with the prints, mock-ups and match ups:
2. Plaid round running in September
Other Expected Arrivals:
  • Solids Restock - arrived! It will be hitting the website this weekend - there is over 1000 m of black! How fast do you think it'll go?!
  • Another Drawstring Restock arrived - added to the site
  • Low Pile bamboo Fleece Restock + Brand New Colors - arrived and it will hit the website next Thursday
  • Confetti jersey restock - expected in September
3 Day Sale Update - we are about 70% done the orders from the 3 day sale and are hoping to have the last ones out the door this Friday
Therapy Thursday - Tie Dye is still 15% off! Remember, once it is gone, it is gone forever! There will be no additional sale this week as we would like to get caught up and back to our speedy turn around times
Now, if you've made it this far... Did you get a chance to check out Nicole Jeaneen's thoughts on the new Posh Collection? You can check it out HERE!