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Weekly Update - July 22nd, 2021

Weekly Update - July 22nd, 2021
Happy Thursday Fabric Friends! Here's your weekly update for July 22nd, 2021:
Undelivered Pre-orders:
1. Tie Dye Waffle - expected to arrive to the Shear Shop in September. It has been dyed and shipped to us. The vessel is expected to arrive in Vancouver around the 20th of July.
2. Nicole's Pre-order - ordered and is expected to arrive in 3 weeks
Upcoming Pre-orders:
1. Holiday round - will run aug 1-7! Who's excited for this?! You can check out the album with the prints, mock-ups and match ups:
2. Plaid round running in September
Other Expected Arrivals:
Solids Restock - arrived and hit the website!
Low Pile bamboo Fleece Restock + Brand New Colors -
arrived and it will hit the website NEXT Thursday (sorry for the week delay!)
Confetti jersey restock - expected in September
Therapy Thursday - 15% tie-dye until it is gone! We will resume our regular Therapy Thursdays next week now that we are mostly caught up from the big sale!
Have you been enjoying the holiday sneaks from our strikers? They are eager to share what they've been sewing up! Do you have a favourite print so far?