Processing time for orders is currently 2-4 Business Days as of April 9th

Weekly Update - May 27, 2021

Weekly Update - May 27, 2021

Weekly Update - May 27, 2021

Pre-orders Status

R11 – Trades Round – shipped ! Retail will be June 10th at 7 pm

April 25th-30th - R12 Pre-order “ Sunshine” - has started to arrive , the swim and BS is here and we will start cutting ASAP

have you seen the new colors added?! A total of 8 incredible colors on our fan favorite stretch waffle base. 

We have so much awesome stuff on its way to us.

Confetti FT and matching rib - arrived. Will hit the website June 3rd at 7 am

Honeycomb athletic fabric - 6 colors , tracking to arrive next week

Neon CL and matching rib - limited order , 3 colors!

Grommet restock - arrived

“Posh” French terry and matching Rib - dreamy heavy French terry with PERFECT match rib ! This stuff is to die for ! - first 7 colors will be announced next week!

Ordered but NOT ARRIVED
TBD - Solids Restock - currently in Vancouver
TBD - Brushed and Ribbing Restock - any day
TBD - Confetti jersey restock - July
TBD - Tie-dye rib - July