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Weekly Update - October 21

Weekly Update!

R9 “ Holiday Round” and Chicken Butt Pre-order - cut and shipped ! If you haven’t gotten a notice and think you should have one please reach out to our page Shear Perfection Fabric, there could be an issue with your order - we had many many orders from out of province select local pick up inadvertently at check out. Itjink we caught them all and emailed, so you could be in that pile if you clicked the wrong button ! R9 had a TAT of 9 weeks from the preorder closing until the last order went out.

Flash Pre-Order of “ Sleddin’ “ - closed - ordered, ETA Oct 31st

R10 - Will be our hunting prints and reruns ! The strikers will be busy sewing up samples for you to see and the preorder will be open Nov 5-11th - we will order by air shipping again for this round like we did for R9. Angela will post a complete mock up set this weekend to the small business Shareable album. For you to use in the meantime before strikes being available. (Please Note : we do not expect these fabrics to be here in time for Christmas Sewing , if they are - bonus - but please don’t get your hopes up)

New arrivals this week
The LONG awaited Heart Cable Knits 1 year!!! 1 year later arrived.

Tie dye - Tutti Frutti replacement has been shipped to us. Expect it to arrive around the 30th

Tiger tail , Bubble Gum and Neon - shipped to us for retail

Oreo, and the two new ones have NOT shipped yet. ( remember these are a different supplier)

Therapy Thursday 10% off code this week is for four new jogging/sweat prints! Perfect timing as the weather continues to cool off at home base. 


* Shipping is PAINFUL right now, so please be patient with us, we are doing everything we can. *

Expected in October:
Brushed French Terry restock - Tracking in Canada
Shear Swirls restock - tracking in Canada

Cable Knit restock, T-Shirt French Terry Restock, Sherpa, Bamboo Fleece, Stretch Waffle restock, Cotton/Spandex Rib Knit,

Expected in November:
Sweater rib restock,
more Brushed French Terry restock , Tie Dye Waffle, Custom dyed stretch waffle colors
KAM snap sets and refill packs, Color catcher - restock, Buttons, Pom Pom restock


Keep showing us your #shearlove and unboxing pics or videos! It has been so awesome to see all of your goodies! Even if you didn’t get a sticker on your package! Show us anyway!