Processing time for orders is currently 2-4 Business Days as of April 9th

Weekly Update - Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Weekly Update - Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Unrelated to the weekly update, but I need to new show to watch while I sew! So read the update and share a good show in the comments!


  • R16 & R17 have both shipped or are in your cubbies
  • R18 -“Bloomy Days" by Kearon Alexandra has started printing
  • R19 - “Sweet Galactic Adventure” by Amelia Lanciault will be open April 23 - 30th with 20+ additional prints on swim, boardshort & swim cover.
  • Our Laser printer has arrived!!! Now we need the electrician and some time to tinker and we will be ready to start on tags!
  • CUSTOM small batch printing :“March Batch” - has shipped or is in your cubbies! “April Batch” - has been ordered 
  • We are currently running a rainbow thread pre-order! It will close on the 23rd (so in 2 days!):


  • April 21st 7am CST: POSH + matching ribbing in 8 colours
  • May 12th 7am CST: R16 & R17 leftovers will retail May 12th
  • May 26th: Spring collection has also arrived and we've set retail for May 26th!


  • Shear Comfort Bamboo restock - has cleared customs & so it will arrive to the shop soon.
  • 1/2 inch grommet refill packs are ordered in rainbow, rose gold and gun metal - expected end of April
  • Snap Sets are reordered - expected end of April 


  • No sale today with the Posh retail drop, but next week - swim & boardshort will go on sale!