Processing time for orders is currently 2-4 Business Days as of April 9th

Weekly Update - Thursday November 12th

Weekly Update - Thursday November 12th

Weekly Update - Thursday November 12th

Today is closing day for the Round 10 Preorder! Don't miss out on the incredible Hunting and Reruns available.

All orders from the retail drops have been sent out. THANK YOU for all of the orders!

Flash Pre-Order of “ Sleddin’ “ – Has arrived and been shipped.


Unicorn Horns - these have been loaded to the site with one new color Sea Scales!

Cable Knit - a few have been added to the site and more still on the way.

Brushed FT - some has been added to the site with more on the way.

Color Catchers - loaded to the site

Shear Solids - These have arrived! Watch for them as they start to hit the site as they are processed. Fan favorites Arizona and Nature are already live.

TherapyThursday discount code for this week is for 10% off of T-Shirt French Terry and Classic Rib.


Expected in November: 

Cable knits - I'm sorry everyone - I have NO IDEA what the hold up is with these.

Brushed French Terry – Angela has ALL the other colors on pre-order for when they come available at the supplier ( 990 meters of it). More are slowly coming and being loaded to the site.

Poms – Jumbo and Standard – Restock is expected in about 10 days.

Restock of elastics and trims as well as braided drawstrings.

Black FT and CL will be loaded to the site this week!!

In our next cargo container we expect a full restock of Shear solids CL and FT, Sweater rib restock, Custom dyed stretch waffle colors - Have you seen the sneak peak of colors Angela ordered?!


Tie Dye Stretch Waffle has arrived! Retail drop is scheduled for the 19th! Expect to see some strikes posted in the next week!

And if you have made it this far in the weekly update please tell me something positive thats happened to you recently!