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Weekly Update - Thursday, November 15th, 2023

Weekly Update - Thursday, November 15th, 2023
***** WEEKLY UPDATE *****
Who wants to see the new POSH colours???... I shared one in this post, but I will share the rest later today IF we get lots of love on this post! Tell me your ALL time favourite Shear item or fabric in the comments! 
  • The deadline to order one of these & have it on time is coming up!! There's some seriously cute stuff in them, including something inspired by an item Callie has shown us before! We only have a few large ones left & lots of small ones! Grab yours here :
  • The next round is **chef's kiss** AMAZING! The prints, the colour palette, and just wait until you see something NEW we are offering this round... any guesses? The round runs November 19th - 25th! You can check out all 21 awesome prints and coordinating solids in the Facebook album here :
  • October is printing
  • Next deadline - February 15th
  • Posh is HERE and will retail on November 23rd!!! Some lucky sewists already have their hands on the new colours to make Ivy's new pattern from Wonderfulsews!
  • Small Solids restock ordered.
  • Waffle restock is on route to us - ETA December
  • Ultrasoft restock also ordered - ETA January 
  • 10% off custom prints - seriously check this section out on the website. We've re-organized it by base so you can see all the different custom prints on your favorite bases!