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Weekly Update - Thursday, September 15th, 2022

Weekly Update - Thursday, September 15th, 2022

More appliqué have been loaded today - some new ones & some designs you may have seen from us already! Are there any appliqué designs you'd love to see us make?!

Oh and make sure you read to the end today... one of my FAVOURITE fabrics is on sale!


  • Holiday Round is expected to arrive to the shop next week! WHAT?! That was a crazy fast turn around! And due to many requests, we will also be re-opening the Holiday round tomorrow and it will be open until  September 24th! Woohoo!
  • We will be hosting a Pyjama Party in November! It isn't necessary to use Shear Fabric, but to be eligible for the Grand Prize - R21 fabrics must be used :) Check out all the details on that here:
  • Next Deadline is Today - September 15th!


  • We are halfway done the September Promo Tag spots.
  • More appliqué have been loaded! 
  • Some straight to retail prints have arrived & stocked, mostly French Terry :)
  • Restock of sold out drawstring colours has arrived
  • 12 colours of amazing sherpa and coordinating rib has landed in Canada and is awaiting transport to us by rail. Expected in October
  • Winter Collection is still at sea, and has no current update. Fingers crossed it gets to us soon!


  • 10% off the POSH Collection today!