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Grommet Installation

Grommet Installation

Ready to level up your sewing game? Well grommets are the perfect skill to learn! Grommets add a professional look to hoods, waistbands, booties, mittens and so much more!

Though they may seem intimidating, they install very quickly and easily. Once you learn how to do grommets, you'll never go back to buttonholes!

Check out these installation videos:

Francesca's Grommet installation on booties:

Angela's Re-usable gift bag (grommet installation starts at 4 minutes 20 seconds):

I show you how to install grommets on an elastic waistband with drawstrings in this video (installation at 4 minutes):

Shear Perfection currently carries a few different grommet sizes in different colours, as well as some starter kits. You can find them HERE

Here's some inspiration for you: