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Metal Snap Installation

Metal Snap Installation

The new metal snap kits are awesome and so easy to use! They come with all the tools you would need to install them, other than an awl (or fabric hole punch) and a hammer/mallet. Rose Gold refill packs are also available on the website. The original kits includes:

  • 50 pairs of snaps in 2 colours - gun metal and silver
  • 2 setting tools - a dome and a pin tool
  • An anvil
  • A hole punch

A single snap is made up of 4 parts - the cap, the socket, the stud and the post.


  1. Mark on your fabric where you will be installing the snaps and use an awl or hole punch to make a small hole on both sections of fabric that you want to snap together.
  2. On the side of the fabric that will be facing outward (the visible side), take the CAP and push it through the hole. The cap should be the only visible part of the snap on your product when fastened. 
  3. Place the cap onto the smooth side of the anvil and place your SOCKET (star side up) on top of the cap. 
  4. Insert the pin setting tool in the hole of the socket. Use your mallet or hammer to tap the pin tool. This will secure the cap and socket together by flattening the protruding part of the cap around the inner part of the socket.
  5. Take the other piece of fabric where you are installing the other half of the snap. Punch the hole in the appropriate location if you have not done this already. 
  6. Take the POST and insert it through the hole from the back side of the fabric (the inner most piece of the garment, ie. the part that will be touching your skin)
  7. Place the post flat side down onto either the other side of the anvil OR a flat surface and place the STUD on top of the post.
  8. Take the dome setting tool and position it on the stud. With your mallet or hammer, gently tap it a few times. If it does not set, when you remove the setting tool, the 2 will come apart easily. If this is the case, set it up again and give it a bit of a harder tap. You do not want to use too much pressure here as it can bend the back side of the post.
  9. Snap the receiver into the stud and you are done!

You have now successfully installed a set of snaps! Check out the installation video HERE for more details or clarification.

Here’s some inspiration: