2022 3 DAY SALE!!!


Shipping: - If you are planning to combine orders across all 3 days, great!

Here's how to do it:

Please select “Start me a Cubby” on your first order

and “ Add you my cubby” for all subsequent orders.

If you are placing only ONE order please choose “Flat Rate Shipping” or “Free shipping over $150“ if it reaches that amount. 

If you are combining several orders and reach over $150, we WILL NOT be refunding the $15 cubby fee.

Same as always with our site - the free shipping is for ONE SINGLE ORDER. 

Please allow us some time to get these orders shipped! This is a huge sale and it may take us up to 10-12 business days to get everything out the door.

We will not be starting on ANY orders until the sale is complete.

Sale Items are FINAL - NO RETURNS If an item over sells or we notice an issue you will be contacted via email before your order is sent to refund or exchange for an alternate product

I’ve made some short cuts in the menu to take you right to the Sale Items!

If you've got any questions about your order, the best place to contact us is our email : shearperfectionstaff@outlook.com

Day 1 Items !!! Click Here 


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