About Us + Contact Information

This is us, well, minus our big black shepherd Eddie who didn't make the picture!

Ryan and I are happy to be bringing our little online fabric shop to Southern Saskatchewan. Ryan farms with his family and I am a Professional Agrologist so we live and breathe farming and agriculture. I always wanted fabric that was a little more rustic and relevant to what we do, so I started dreaming of designs. Writing them down in a little book and spending hours hunting online. After many hours of joking with a good friend of mine about " starting our own fabric company", I took the leap. It took over 8 months to find a printer that was LOVE, I had nearly given up, but here we are! 

Life is busy for us all so I understand that you need a quick response to any questions. Please feel free to email me @ a_mckague@hotmail.com, message me on the Shear Perfection Fabric facebook page or jump on the Shear Perfection Fabric Sew and Share group and someone will get back to you as soon as we can!

One of our biggest crops on our farm is Red Lentils, so here is a link to an amazing lentil soup recipe you may want to try out in the cold winter months ( even my toddler likes it)!


I'm truly humbled you have come here and taken an interest! Cheers!

- Angela