Custom Prints Showcase


Photo Submitted By Stephanie

Pattern : Self Drafted Sweater

Fabric: R! French Terry Custom Print and Cable Knit

Submitted by Azure Larson

Patterns :

Fabric R1 Custom Print and Vegan Leather

Submitted By : Chelsea Kozak


R1 Custom Prints 

Photo Submitted By Stephanie

Pattern :

Fabric: R1 French Terry Custom Print

Submitted by Joy Derby-Douglas


Fabric R1 " Goalie Girl " Rapport

Submitted By Marie-Claude Carriere


Fabric: R1 " Sports Strokes "

Submitted By Kelly Abbott

Pattern: hudson hoodie (peekaboo), mens jordan tee (made for mermaids)

Menta Wrap shoes

Fabric R1 - Hockey Toss Fabric

 Submitted By Holly Chappus

Pattern: German language pattern called the Surinam Yellow

Fabric: R1 Sport Strokes - Figure skater rapport