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Wooly Nylon Thread - Black

Wooly Nylon Thread - Black



3000y per spool

Woolly nylon serging thread is made from 100% nylon so it is soft and stretchy. It is a popular choice for seams in activewear, swimwear and knits. 

Available in Black , White and Grey

Using Wooly Nylon in your serger

You can thread the wooly nylon through both loopers, and normal thread through the needles.

Or, you can thread the wooly stuff through just the upper looper, and increase the tension on the lower looper (which has normal thread) so it pulls the nylon around more of the edge of the fabric.

Using Wooly Nylon in your CoverStitch

Wooly nylon is generally used in the loopers. Most use regular thread in the needles using a cover stitch.

I would use woolly nylon in the looper to coverstitch knit fabrics, lycra/spandex, and some lingerie fabrics